Wheresoever you go,

Go with all your heart.

Goodbye, 2016. It hasn’t been a banner year for many but for some, it was.

Was just another year. Will Eye miss it? Not really, but then again, I don’t get sent-i-MENTAL about much anymore. It’s a year. 365 days supposedly, when adhering to the Gregorian calendar.

Time is marching on, on the edge of the abyss-and our most recent choices have shown us our fear, our hatred and the many other emotions and things we need to be rid of. So, it’s just goodbye. And it ended for me, today with a sunset.


A glorious sweet end of the year sunset.

Goodbye, 2016 Hello 2017!

A year in which we can make it, or break it- dependant on your point. of. view. or your birthday and astrological sign. Or the leaves in your teacup. Or your denial. Or your fear of everything and everyone.

The choice is yours. And mine… and I choose love and happiness, equality, niceness and sunsets. For each one is like a year; individual. And something we’ll never see again.


The Zipper Tree

I rode past this tree and circled back for my Eye caught something. Something. It was the catlike shape at the back of the tree, inside. A nature cutout of sorts.

As I walked up to it, I thought how much like a discarded jacket, or sweater the tree reminded me of. Better yet, an unemcumbered soul; a death of a tree…yet, the release of…of…the magic within.



Moonrise Oct 18th

Reminded me of the sun; looks like its bubbling…with activityimg_2101

Bless The Home Prayer — hocuspocus13

Originally posted on Runes, Moons & Spirits: Original Author: Helen Taylor Original Title: Bless This House O’Lord We Pray 1927 ? Bless this house O’Lord we pray. Make it safe by night and day. Bless the folks who dwell within. Keep them pure and free from sin. Bless these windows shining bright. Letting in your…

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Sunset Matters

I was at Old Silver Beach in Falmouth Ma last night watching the sun go down.

Our world is on fire!

Listen up! Listen to what Mother Earth is teaching us-not to the stoopid politicians or the trolls that thin they know best.

My Rx for our world: Go out. Get outside. Drop your drama.

What our Mother Earth wants: She needs us to be nicer, sweeter to each other.

We need to adopt a sunrise/sunset personality. We need to rise up and: woo, ah ha! and deLIGHT people with our caring and kindness. Thats all that matters.

Love is all we need. Lets share it!


Ocean Gold

Monday :)

Sign outside The Huntsman Pub in Bath, UKIMG_1635.jpg

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